Tips to become a sustainable traveler

  • Save water during your trip. For example: tell your staff hotel you don’t need your linens changed every day, take short showers and don’t leave the water open while brushing your teeth.
  • Save energy: turn off all lights and appliances, and turn OFF the A/C when leaving the room.
  • Use environmentally friendly products, those whose recipients are biodegradable, reusable or recyclable.
  • Whenever possible, buy local products. This contributes to the communities you visit.
  • Please avoid purchasing any items made of animal parts such as shells, feathers, bones and endangered woods.
  • When taking a tour within protected areas, follow the recommendations made by your tour guide or the area’s personnel. This counts also for sea wildlife!
  • Get involved with Costa Rica’s local culture and its traditions. Learn and respect Costa Rican way of life, customs and laws.